Give Your Home A Look of Your Own Mind with Floor Plan Software

Quick and accurate Floor Plans

The Internet has made the impossible, virtually possible. It has made you reach go beyond the horizon and open you to the world of all new possibilities. And one of the possibilities being, to design your own house. Yes, we know, not all of you are architectures. But, what if we have something for you that could make you one, and a fair one in fact.

Welcome one of the brilliant possibilities of the Internet and technology together, floor plan software.

So, lets go through the very basic questions that most of you have, “what” and “why”:

  1. The What.

In simple words, this software lets you become your own interior decorator or architecture, enabling you to give that structure and style to your house, which you have always wanted, but could not afford to let someone draw it for you or lacked the knowledge to do it on your own.

It has a simple interface, and has tools to let you drag windows, doors and other things on the floor plan making it as realistic as possible.

  1. The Why.

The floor plan software has a large database, from windows, doors, tiles to the colors of your walls. It lets you have a two or three dimensional view of your floor plan.  It will also help you get a cost estimation of the materials and the total expenditure as well. And it’s cost-effective as well, since it would have costed you a hefty amount to get it done by someone.

Also, these days, tenants want to see the floor plan now before shifting in. If you are an architecture or designer, there can arise an urgent need sometimes and you might not have time to take out a pencil and start with the process of sketch, rub and repeat.  This software lets you directly bring out your creativity on a software  and at speed and ease.

Give the architecture inside you a chance with Virtual 360’s online floor plan software, made for everyone from people looking to design their own houses, estate agents to professional interior designers and architectures. Our software offers a plethora of services with unbeatable prices.

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Floor Plan Drawing – The Supplies You Need

Same as planning is important for any business, preparing a floor plan is also important before you begin any type of redecoration. It is also a great way to save money, time and have an organized, well-coordinated room at the end. Floor plan drawing shows the measure of everything, including the floor, walls, windows, pictures and anything else.

Floor Plan Sketches

So, if you are in the process of giving your home a unique new look and want to get your floor plan ready, let us help you with some basic tools and supplies that you will need to have. These supplies will make the process quicker and easier.

Folder- You don’t want to lose even a single document that contains the information about your new design, so make sure to have a folder to place all of the sketches, drawings, color samples and everything else. It will help things organized.

Paper- For a better floor plan drawing, you need a variety of papers. It will help you differentiate the walls from other products like bed, sofa, etc.

Writing Utensils- Make sure to have all the writing instruments and colors. Many professionals use black to draw the walls and then use other colors to represent different things like furniture, pictures, etc. Chalks are a great way to draw as it simply brushes away and leaves no mark behind.

Measuring Tape- Of course, how can you forget this very important tool for floor plan drawing? It is important so that you can have accurate measurements. It is handy to have a short cloth measuring tape for hard to measure items, like the ones that curve.

Ruler- Drawing seems almost impossible without a ruler. So, while preparing to draw the floor plan of your dream home, make sure to use a ruler for everything.

While preparing your own design is a great thing, but the busy lifestyle doesn’t allow people to prepare own design and this is where Floor Plans Plus comes into the picture. We are one of the leading companies, offering trusted floor plan software applications that offer 3D and 360° view of floor plans. Our applications help you to draw your dream home accurately without wasting even an inch of space.

3D floor plans

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Estate Agent Floor Plans – Attract More Clients With A Better Floor Plan’s View

No matter if you are a property owner, looking to rent a house, or a professional real estate agent, but you must be aware about the tough part of the job-attending a lot of phone calls, describing them the details of your property and personally showing your units.

In most of the cases, people would call you and ask the basic information and then they want to visit the location to take the final decision. Most of the estate agents spend a lot of their time in explaining their clients about the same information over and over on the phone. However, if they don’t like it, all your effort goes in vain.

With the estate agent floor plans that offer 360 degree view of the property to buyers, you can save a lot of your time as you would need not to visit the location with every client to show them the property. These floor plans can show the unit to every prospective buyer or tenant before they even call you.

Easy To Draw Floor Plans

The estate agent floor plans with 360 degree view not only allow your prospective buyers or tenant to see photos and descriptions of the rooms, but also let them feel like they are standing in the center of a room. Also, the viewers can also see what the view is from the street or out the window.

The 360 degree floor plan is the only thing that can give your potential buyer or tenant a real sense of a place. They can explore interiors, landscapes, and neighborhoods as they mouse around.

Also the estate agent floor plans with 360 degree view offer the following benefits:

  • Make your property stand out of the crowd and look the best
  • Control what buyers see
  • Highlights the important areas
  • Better than the video or 3D floor plan view

If you are looking for the best floor plan software, Floorplan Plus is a reliable company, offering a wide range of floor plan making and other types of software that make property designing and selling easy. Our estate agent floor plans software is a new service from Virtual 360 that allows you to have a look at the property similar to the experience of a person standing inside a room.

Our software are very easy to use that they need no expert advise to use it. So if you’re looking for interactive floor plans, get in touch with us.